(Descendants of Edmund Drake of Tavistock)


Compiled by Charles E. F. Drake


This is an account of the family of Sir Francis Drake.  He had no children, and his heirs were the descendants of his brother Thomas.  They inherited his estate, Buckland Abbey, hence they were known as the Drakes of Buckland.



Generation No. 1


      1.  Edmund1 Drake of Tavistock married a daughter of Richard Millwaye.  He was admitted vicar of Upchurch, Kent, on 25 June 1560.  Will dated 26 Dec. 1566; probated Canterbury 16 January 1566-67. 


Children of Edmund Drake and Unknown Milwaye are:


      2.            i.   Admiral Sir Francis2 Drake, Kt. born Bet. 1545 - 1546 in Crowndale, near Tavistock, Devon.  He married (1) Mary Newman of St. Budeaux, in the county of Cornwall 4 July.  She died without issue and was buried on 25 January 1582/83 at St. Budeaux.  Sir Francis married (2) Elizabeth Sydenham (postnuptial settlement, dated 25 Aug 1595, daughter of Sir George Sydenham.  He was knighted by Queen Elizabeth at Deptford in 1581 after his successful circumnavigation of the world.  Later he was Vice-Admiral in the fleet that defeated the Spanish Armada.  He purchased Buckland Abbey, near Yelverton, Devon. Sir Francis died at sea, without issue, on 28 January 1596.   Will dated 27 January 1595.  Probated 17 May 1596. (PCC Drake 1)  After his death, Elizabeth remarried Sir William Courtenay of Powderham Castle, but also d.s.p.


      3.           ii.   Edward Drake, d.s.p., buried at Upchurch, Kent.


      4.          iii.   John Drake; killed in action while serving with his brother, Francis, on 9 June 1573.  He married Alice, last name unknown, and apparently left no children.  Alice was administrator of her husband's estate 29 Nov 1575.  She remarried [-----] Cotton.


      5.          iv.   Joseph Drake, d.s.p.


+    6.           v.   Thomas Drake, born 1556; died April 04, 1606.


Generation No. 2


      6.  Thomas2 Drake (Edmund1) was born in 1556, and died 4 April 1606. Will 17 March 1605. (PCC 16 May 1610, Wingfield 40)  He was the principle heir of his brother Sir Francis Drake, Kt.   He married Elizabeth Gregory of Plympton Saint Mary, the widow of John Elford, of Sheepstor. She died 18 Mar 1631, and was buried at Sheepstor. Her will was dated June 1632. (PCC Audley 680)].  He monumental inscription reads:


“And also the body of Elizabeth Drake, first the wife of the said John Elforde, and last the wife of Thomas Drake, of Buckland Drake, Esquier, Brother and heire to Sir Francis Drake, Knight, who died 18 Mar, ye year of our Lord God one-thousand six-hundred 31.”



Children of Thomas Drake and Elizabeth Gregory are:


+    7.            i.  Sir Francis3 Drake, born 16 September 1588.


 8.           ii.  Elizabeth Drake.  She married John Bamfield of Poltimore, son and heir of Sir Amias Bamfield on 22 September 1602 at Buckland Monocharum, Devon.



Generation No. 3


      7.  Sir Francis3 Drake (Thomas2, Edmund1), First Baronet, was born 16 September 1588. He was sometime M.P. for Devon and was created a baronet in 1622.  He died 11 March 1637.   He married (1) Jane Bamfield on 22 September 1602, daughter of Sir Amias Bamfield of Poltimore, settlement dated 22 Sep 1602.  They had a daughter, Dorothy, who died in infancy.  Jane was buried 26 February 1612/13 at Buckland Monocharum, Devon.  He married (2) Joan Stroud 5 October 1615, daughter of Sir William Stroud, Kt., of Newnham.  Their marriage license is dated 5 Oct 1615, and their post nuptial settlement twelve years later, 17 Jan 1627. She survived her husband and remarried in 1639 at Bere Ferrers to John Trefusis of Milor, Cornwall.


Child of Francis Drake and Jane Bamfield is:


      9.            i.  Dorothea4 Drake, born 1611; died 1616. Ob inf.


Children of Francis Drake and Joan Stroud are:


  10.          i. Maria4 Drake, born 26 September 1616.  She married 28 April 1636 in Buckland Monocharum, Devon to Elizeus Crimes of Crapstone, M.P. for Bere Alston; Lieut-Col. of Plymouth garrison for Parliament.


      11.        ii.  Sir Francis Drake, Second Baronet born 25 September 1617,        

                        M.P.,  Colonel of the Horse.  He married Dorothy Pym daughter of John

                        Pym, of Brymore, county Somerset, 18 January 1639/40 in St.

                        Margaret's, Westminster.  She was buried on 6 May 1661 at Dunster,

                        Somerset.  He also died without issue on 6 Jan 1662. Burial: June 10,

                        1661, Buckland Monocharum, Devon.  Will 9 Apr 1662  (PCC Laud

                        48). He bequeathed the Drake estate to Drakes in the male line.


12.         iii. Elizabeth Drake.  She married John Trefusis of Trefusis, Cornwall on 14 February 1638/39 in Bere Ferrers.


+    13.        iv.  Thomas Drake, born 18 July 1620 in Buckland Monocharum, Devon; died before 1661.


+    14.         v.  John Drake, born 28 July 1624 in Buckland Monocharum, Devon.


      15.        vi.   William Drake, later of Netherton, born 7 November 1627.  He married (1) Susannah Ford on 2 June 1649. She was buried 2 July 1699, Buckland Monocharum, Devon.  He married (2) Elizabeth Charles on 14 November 1699.  She was buried 8 December 1702, Buckland Monocharum, Devon.  He died without issue and was buried 1 June 1709, at Buckland Monocharum, Devon.  Will 3 May 1704, prob. 20 June 1709, Exeter.


      16.       vii.   Sarah Drake, born October 23, 1629; died 1667.  She married Thomas Trevillian of Yarnscomb, Devon on 21 February 1649/50 in Buckland Monocharum, Devon.  He died in 1664; monumental inscription at Carhampton, Somerset.


      17.       viii.  Joan Drake, born 22 February 1630/31.  She married  Sir        

                        Hugh Wyndham of Watchet, Somerset on 4 February 1649/50 in    

                        Buckland   Monocharum, Devon.


+    18.        ix.  Joseph Drake.



Generation No. 4


      13.  Thomas4 Drake (Francis3, Thomas2, Edmund1) was born 18 July 1620 in Buckland Monocharum, Devon, and died before 1661.  He was Major of the Horse for Parliament.  He married Susan Crimes, daughter of Elizaeus Crymes on 22 July 1641. 


Children of Thomas Drake and Susan Crimes are:


+    19.        i.    Sir Francis5 Drake, born 1 May 1642 in Buckland Monocharum, Devon.


20.         ii.   Maria Drake, born 7 May 1643 in Buckland Monocharum, Devon. She was buried on 31 October 1647, Buckland Monocharum, Devon.


      21.        iii.   Dorothy Drake; buried 29 May 1649, Buckland Monocharum, Devon.


      22.        iv.   Johanna Drake, born 17 October 1651 in Buckland Monocharum, Devon; died 1673.  Will probated at Exeter 1673.


      23.        v.    John Drake, born 5 October 1652 at Buckland Monocharum, Devon.  Buried 7 January 1652/53, Buckland Monocharum, Devon.


      24.        vi.   Thomas Drake, born 23 July 1650 in Buckland Monocharum, Devon. Buried 2 February 1652/53, Buckland Monocharum, Devon.


      25.       vii.   Thomas Drake, born 25 October 1653 in Buckland Monocharum, Devon. Buried 22 December 1653, Buckland Monocharum, Devon.



      14.  John4 Drake (Francis3, Thomas2, Edmund1), later of Ivybridge, was born 28 July 1624 in Buckland Monocharum, Devon.  He married Prudence Savery. He was buried on 9 November 1681 in the north aisle, Ermington Church.  Will 1691 at Exeter.



Children of John Drake and Prudence Savery are:


+    26.         i.   Prudence5 Drake, born 15 June 1654 in Buckland Monocharum, Devon; died 22 November 1737.


+    27.         ii.  Anne Drake, born 29 June 1655 in Buckland Monocharum, Devon.


      28.         iii.  Jane Drake.  She married Edmund Williams 10 February 1680/81 in Cornwood.


      29.         iv.  Gertrude Drake, born 25 January 1669/70 in Ermington.  She married Arthur Cuningham 17 December 1691 in Mary Tavy.


      30.         v.   William Drake, born 1663 in Ermington; died 1695. Will 13 Nov

                          1695  (PCC Irby 174).  DSP.


      31.        vi.    John Drake, DSP 1697. Commander of HMS "Seahorse."  Will

                          15 April 1697.  (Will PCC Pyne 277). 


      32.       vii.   Francis Drake, Lieut. of HMS "Rye," 1697.  Capt of HMS "Swallow;" died 24 December 1729.  M.I. at St. Andrew's Church, Plymouth.  Will 17 Jan 1711-12  (PCC Auber 6).  He married Jane Pollexfen; died 1730. Will 10 Dec 1730; cod. 9 February; Prob. 28 Feb 1733-4 (PCC Ockham 29).


      33.     viii.     Henry Drake, born 1673 in Ermington. Buried 4 May 1717,

                          Lympstone. Married his cousin Frances Drake (No. 40 below), q. v.,

                          daughter of Sir Francis Drake.



      18.  Joseph4 Drake (Francis3, Thomas2, Edmund1).  Matriculated 21 June 1653 at Exeter College, Oxford.  Buried 12 October 1708, Buckland Monocharum, Devon. Will 5 Oct 1708, probated 13 Oct 1709 (PCC Lane). He married (1) Margaret Crimes 11 February 1667/68. (She died 1682.)  He married (2) Grace [-------], died 1738.


Children of Joseph Drake and Margaret Crimes are:


+    34.          i.   Rev. Bamfield5 Drake, born 12 April 1670 in Buckland Monocharum, Devon.


+    35.          ii.  Francis Drake, born 24 April 1675 in Buckland Monocharum, Devon.


Child of Joseph Drake and Grace Unknown is:


      36.           i.  Elizabeth5 Drake, born 11 May 1705 in Buckland Monocharum, Devon.  She married William Cake of Mary Tavy 16 September 1719 in Mary Tavy.




Generation No. 5


      19.  Sir Francis5 Drake (Thomas4, Francis3, Thomas2, Edmund1), Third Baronet, was born 1 May 1642 in Buckland Monocharum, Devon. He succeeded his uncle in the baronetcy in 1662. . He had represented Tavistock during the reign of Charles 2nd and was buried on 15 January 1717/18, at Meavy.  Will 26 Aug 1717. Codicil 26 Dec 1717.  Prob. 1 March 1718 and 1731. (PCC Tenison 56)


He married (1) Dorothy Bamfield 6 February 1664/65 in Beer Ferrers, daughter of Sir John Bamfield of Poltimore, post-nuptial settlement 30 Aug 1673.  Buried 30 January 30 1678/79, Buckland Monocharum, Devon.  He married (2) Anne Boone on 21 October 1680, daughter of John Boone. Buried 22 December 1685, Buckland Monocharum, Devon.  He married (3) Elizabeth Pollexfen on 17 February 1688/89, daughter of Sir Henry Pollexfen.  Buried 25 March 1717, Meavy.


Children of Francis Drake and Dorothy Bamfield are:


      37.          i.   Dorothy6 Drake, born 1 February 1665/66 in Buckland Monocharum, Devon.


      38.         ii.   Gertrude Drake, born 11 August 1669 in Buckland Monocharum, Devon.  She married Henry Pollexfen 21 December 1699.


      39.        iii.   Margaret Drake, born 19 October 1672 in Buckland Monocharum, Devon. Buried 21 July 1673, Buckland Monocharum, Devon.


+    40.        iv.   Frances Drake, born 9 May 1674 in Buckland Monocharum, Devon.



Children of Francis Drake and Elizabeth Pollexfen are:


+    41.         i.    Elizabeth6 Drake.


      42.         ii.   Francis Drake, born 14 May 1691. Buried 6 February 1692/93, Buckland Monocharum, Devon.


+    43.        iii.   Sir Francis Henry Drake, born 2 March 1692/93.


      44.        iv.   Pollexfen Drake, born 8 February 1693/94; Commissioner of Appeals in Excise.  Died without issue 14 September 1714. Buried at Meavy. 


      45.         v.   Duncombe Drake, born about 1694-1695 in Buckland Monocharum, Devon; Capt Royal Navy.  Died without issue May 1734, buried Upper Deal Church, Kent.  He married Grace Trevanion 4 December 1733.


+    46.        vi.   George Drake, born 4 December 1696 in Buckland Monocharum, Devon; died 1741.


      47.       vii.    Henry Drake, born 13 November 1702 in Buckland Monocharum,  

                          Devon. Buried 27 September 1704, Buckland Monocharum, Devon


      48.      viii.    Henry Drake, born 8 February 1708/09; DSP in the Fleet Prison 

                          1749. Will 30 April 1749. (PCC 4 Sept 1756, Glazier 242)



      26.  Prudence5 Drake (John4, Francis3, Thomas2, Edmund1) was born 15 June 1654 in Buckland Monocharum, Devon, and died 22 November 1737.  Buried St. Andrew's Church, Plymouth.  She married (1) John Hele, Esq. of Little Stert.  He died 21 February 1695/96.  She married (2) William Savery. She married (3) Unknown Sassure, Lieut. R.N.


Child of Prudence Drake and John Hele is:


      49.          i.   John6 Savery Hele, ob. infant.  M. I. Cornwood.



      27.  Anne5 Drake (John4, Francis3, Thomas2, Edmund1) was born 29 June 29 1655 in Buckland Monocharum, Devon.  She married Thomas Williams of Stowford.



Children of Anne Drake and Thomas Williams are:


      50.          i.   John6 Williams, born 27 November 1677.


      51.         ii.   Prudence Williams.



      34.  Rev. Bamfield5 Drake (Joseph4, Francis3, Thomas2, Edmund1), Clerk in Holy Orders, was born 12 April 1670 in Buckland Monocharum, Devon. He studied at Exeter College, Oxon., B. A. 22 March 1693. He was Rector of Farway and officiating minister at Bodmin in 1720.  Buried 20 June 1729, Farway.  Will probated 9 July 1729 at Exeter.  He married Katherine Unknown


 Children of Bamfield Drake and Katherine Unknown are:


      52.         i.    Joseph6 Drake, born 11 August 1694 in Buckland Monocharum,

                         Devon.  He married Rebecca Hambly of Bodmin, widow, 1

                         November 1720, but DSP.  


Some American researchers have claimed that this Joseph came to America and died in Kentucky.  There is no evidence in original records that this is the case.  In fact, English records state he died without issue in England.


      53.        ii.   Elenor Drake.  She married William May, a tanner, 25 October 1720 in Bodmin.


      54.        iii.   Joan Drake.  She married Samuel Key, Vicar of Bodmin, on 17 April 1722 in Bodmin.


      55.        iv.   Francis Drake, born 21 August 1701 in Farway.


It is claimed that this Francis Drake came to America and was the progenitor of a branch of American Drakes.  In fact, Drakes in North Carolina and Pennsylvania both claim him.  However, there is no evidence, contemporary-of-the-period, of him in North America.  There is a statement in Vivian's "Devonshire Pedigrees" that he came to America, but this was hearsay, reported to English genealogists by American researchers anxious to establish a claim to the English estates and baronetcy.


      56.         v.  Bamfield Drake, Jr., born 23 October 1704 in Farway.


There is a notation in "Devonshire Pedigrees" that he came to America.  There is no evidence that he did so, and in fact, American accounts, which claim a descent from his brother Francis, state that Indians killed him immediately upon arrival. In as much as this distinctive name would be impossible to miss in American genealogical records, and since it cannot be found there, it was necessary to have him die forthwith.


+    57.        vi.  William Drake, born December 17, 1705.


+    58.       vii.   John Drake, born September 27, 1709 in Farway.



      35.  Francis5 Drake (Joseph4, Francis3, Thomas2, Edmund1) was born 24 April 1675 in Buckland Monocharum, Devon.  He married Sarah Young of Woodbury on 21 October 1714 in Woodbury.  Buried September 1725, Buckland Monocharum, Devon


Child of Francis Drake and Sarah Young is:


      59.         i.   Gertrude6 Drake, born 18 October 18 1716 in Buckland Monocharum, Devon.



Generation No. 6


      40.  Frances6 Drake (Francis5, Thomas4, Francis3, Thomas2, Edmund1) was born 9 May 1674 in Buckland Monocharum, Devon.  She married Henry Drake, son of John Drake of Ivybridge, a cousin. He was born 1673 in Ermington and buried 4 May 04 1717, Lympstone.  Will l7 July 1716, prob. 4 October 1717 at Exeter. 



Children of Frances Drake and Henry Drake are:


      60.          i.  Dorothy7 Drake, born 21 September 1705 in Buckland Monocharum, Devon. Buried 29 December 1722, Lympstone.



      61.         ii.  Prudence Drake, born 20 June 1706 in Buckland Monocharum,

                        Devon; died 1749; Admon. 29 Feb 1749 at Exeter.


      62.        iii.  Gertrude Drake, born 1 July 1710 in Woodbury. Burial: 7 October  

                        1711, Lympstone.


      63.        iv.   Elizabeth Drake, born 1 September 1710 in Buckland Monocharum, Devon.


      64.        v.   Frances Drake, born 24 August 1711 in Buckland Monocharum,

                         Devon. Buried 19 January 1711/12, Lympstone.


      65.        vi.   Francis Drake, born 1714 in Lympstone; died 4 February 1755. 

                         Will prob.1755, Exeter. DSP.  He married Emblen Yeo on 10    

                         October 1742; died between 1769-1770. Will 14 Dec 1769, prob.

                         10 May 1770 at Exeter.



      41.  Elizabeth6 Drake (Francis5, Thomas4, Francis3, Thomas2, Edmund1).  She married Thomas Martin of the Middle Temple 1 July 1719 in Buckland Monocharum, Devon. 


Children of Elizabeth Drake and Thomas Martin are:


      66.         i.    Elizabeth7 Martin, died 1789. Died unmarried.


      67.         ii.   Gertrude Martin.  She married John Butterworth.



      43.  Sir Francis Henry6 Drake (Francis5, Thomas4, Francis3, Thomas2, Edmund1), Fourth Baronet, was born 2 March 1692/93; died 26 Jan 1739/40.  Buried 15 February 1738/39, Buckland Monocharum, Devon.  Will 11 April 1721; Prob. 11 March 1739-40. (PCC Brown 10)  He married Anne Heathcote on 27 September 1720, daughter of Samuel Heathcote.  She was born 1702 and was buried 5 November 1769, Hackney.


Children of Francis Drake and Anne Heathcote are:


      68.         i.    Sir Francis Henry7 Drake, Fifth baronet was born 25 August

                          1722, chr. 3 September 1723 at Meavy.  He was M.P. for Bere

                          Alston, Ranger of Dartmoor, and Controller of the Board of the

                          Green Cloth. He DSP, unmarried, on 10 February 1794, when

                          according to some accounts, the baronetcy became extinct.  Will 1

                          Dec 1792, 2 codicils in 1793.  (PCC 22 March 1794 Dodwell)


His memorial in Buckland Church, which features an image of "Truth depicted upon it leaning upon an Urn," was erected by his nephew the second Lord Heathfield. The inscription upon it however, erroneously states that his "descent was illustrious since he was lineally descended from the great Naval warrior of the sixteenth century."


Upon the death of Sir Francis Henry Drake, fifth bart. in 1794 , Buckland Abbey, with other property, passed by devise to his nephew, the second Lord Heathfield, only son of his sister, Anne Pollexfen Eliott.


      69.         ii.   Francis Duncombe Drake, born 22 April 1724. Burial: 13 March



+    70.        iii.   Francis William Drake, born 22 August 22 1724 in Buckland  

                         Monocharum, Devon; died 1787.


+    71.        iv.  Anne Pollexfen Drake, born in Buckland Monocharum, Devon; died

                         18 February 1772; married Sir. G. A. Eliott.


      72.         v.  Sir Francis Samuel Drake, born 14 September 1729 in

                         Buckland Monocharum, Devon; Rear Admiral of the Red. 

                         Created Bart. 9 July 1782 for bravery in action.  Died without

                         issue 18 November 1789.  Will PCC 1789.  He married (1)

                         Elizabeth Hayman and (2) Pooley Onslow. 

                         She remarried Arthur Onslow and died 10 December 1810.


      73.        vi.   Sophia Drake, born 14 September 1729 in Buckland Monocharum, Devon.  She married Rev. John Pugh.



      46.  George6 Drake (Francis5, Thomas4, Francis3, Thomas2, Edmund1) was born 4 December 1696 in Buckland Monocharum, Devon.  He was governor of Ft. St. George in Madras and died 1741.  Will Nov 1741. (PCC Spurway 300).  He married Sophia Bugden 1722 in Madras.  She remarried (2) George Morton Pitt of Twickenham, Esq.


Children of George Drake and Sophia Bugden are:


      74.          i.   George7 Drake. Ob inf.


      75.         ii.   Dawsonne Drake. Governor of Fort St. George, Madras.  Died unmarried 1784.


      76.        iii.   Anne Drake. She married (1) Samuel Barlow and (2) George



      77.        iv.   Jane Drake, died 1800.  She married Temple Wes of West

                          Wickham, Kent; Colonel of the Guards.  He died 1783 aet. 43.


      78.         v.   Sophia Pitt Drake. She married (1) Digby Dent, Commodore RN

                         and married (2) Admiral Sir George Pocock, KCB on 28 November 

                         1763.  Her daughter married John, 4th Earl Poulett.



      57.  William6 Drake (Bamfield5, Joseph4, Francis3, Thomas2, Edmund1) was born 17 December 1705.  He was a solicitor at Wellington, Somerset He married Sophia [-------]



Children of William Drake and Sophia are:


      79.          i.  John7 Drake. Surgeon in the Royal Navy.  Died at sea, unmarried.


      80.         ii.   Prudence Drake, died 1807 in South Petherton, Somerset.



      58.  John6 Drake (Bamfield5, Joseph4, Francis3, Thomas2, Edmund1) was born 27 September 1709 in Farway. He was Mayor of Plymouth and Collector of Customs.  Died during his mayoralty.  Burial: Bet. 1752 - 1753, St. Andrew's Church, Plymouth.  He married Anne Spicer of Farway on 13 August 1736.  She died 21 October 1786. Burial: 25 October 1786, St. Andrew's Church, Plymouth.



Children of John Drake and Anne Spicer are:


  81.          i.  Lt. John Savery7 Drake, de jure 6th Baronet,  bapt. at  St. Andrews Plymouth 2 Sep 1737 ,Lieut. 33rd Regt.  Received Freedom of Glasgow.  He became incompetent from the results of a head injury, which may explain why he is omitted from some accounts as baronet.  He died unmarried on 4 Mar 1810, and was buried at Dodbrooke. According to records of his immediate family, he was buried as the de jure baronet. This implies that his uncles, the other sons of Rev. Bamfield Drake, Sr., whose male descendants, if any, should have inherited the baronetcy before him, died without male issue.


      82.         ii.   Catherine Drake.  She married Capt. Robert Rogers, R.N.  DSP

                         age 19.


+    83.        iii.   Anne Pollexfen Drake.



Generation No. 7


      70.  Francis William7 Drake (Francis Henry6, Francis5, Thomas4, Francis3, Thomas2, Edmund1) of Hillingdon, co. Middlesex was baptized 22 August 1724 in Buckland Monocharum, Devon.  He was Vice Admiral of the Red, Governor of Newfoundland, and died 1787.  He had issue with (1) Grace America Gredhill, daughter of Samuel Gredhill.    He married (2) Elizabeth Heathcote in 1763, daughter of Sir William Heathcote, bart.


The child of Francis Drake and Grace Gredhill is:


84.          i.    Francis Henry8 Drake, born 1756.  He claimed the baronetcy after the death of Sir Francis Henry7 Drake, fifth baronet in 1794.  However, the validity of his parent’s marriage was not accepted by some family members at the time, and his claim to the title was generally disallowed. He married and resided at Cheltenham, and died without issue in 1839. “Sir Bernard Burke, in his pedigree of Drake, does not carry out the line of Joseph Drake, fifth son of the first Bart., but merely remarks that he left a son, "Francis," nor does he mention this Francis Henry Drake, whom Stockdale describes as sixth bart., at all, but merely remarks that upon the death of the fifth Bart. in 1794 , the title expired.”  Will 25 January 1836 (PCC Sept 1839).  He married Anne Frances Maltby; died 1840 (Will PCC 1840).


Children of Francis Drake and Elizabeth Heathcote are:


      85.         i.    Mariana8 Drake, born 1764; died 28 June 28 1792.  She married

                          Thomas Evance, DSP.


86.        ii.    Sophia Drake.  She married Jerome de Salis, Count de Salis, H.R.E. on 11 August 11, 1797. Her descendants are the "heirs-general" of the last male Sir Francis Drake of the original creation.  She died in 1803 leaving issue, a son and heir, Peter, who succeeded his father as Count de Salis, 20 October 1836, and was a Deputy-Lieut. for the co. of Armagh and J.P. for Middlesex. He died in 1870 and is the ancestor of the current Count de Salis.



      71.  Anne Pollexfen7 Drake (Francis Henry6, Francis5, Thomas4, Francis3, Thomas2, Edmund1) was born in Buckland Monocharum, Devon, and died 18 February 1772.  Burial: South Audley St. Chapel She married George Augustus Elliot 1748 in St. Sepulchre, London.  Major General Sir George Augustus Eliott, K.B., was created Baron Heathfield of Gibraltar.  He died 6 July 1779.



Children of Anne Drake and George Elliot are:


      87.         i.    Francis Augustus8 Elliot, Second Baron of Heathfield, born 1 December 1730; died 26 January 1813. Unmarried. 


When the second Lord Heathfield died unmarried in 1813 his sister became his heir, and her third son, Thomas Trayton Fuller, was ultimately the owner of Buckland Abbey, and resided at Nutwell Court, in the parish of Woodbury.


+    88.         ii.  Honourable Anne Elliot, died 24 February 1835.



      83.  Anne Pollexfen7 Drake (John6, Bamfield5, Joseph4, Francis3, Thomas2, Edmund1).  She married (1) William Young, R.N.  He died 25 March 1772.  She married (2) Captain George James Prosser of the Royal Marines.  He died 26 February 1796 in Ireland.


Children of Anne Drake and William Young are:


      89.          i.    Sarah Spicer8 Young, born 13 October 1771; died 18 October 1771.


      90.         ii.    John Spicer Young, Lieut., 7th Regt. Native Infantry.  Killed in the

                          East Indies.


Children of Anne Drake and George Prosser are:


      91.         i.    Catherine Folliott8 Prosser.  She married Michael Phelan of Dublin.


      92.         ii.   Sarah Anne Prosser, born 19 January 1782; died 17 March 1856 in    Dodbrook.  She married William Lyfe Pearce, Esq., Justice of Peace of Kellaton, Devon.  They had, with other children Francis Drake Pearce, whose name appears in some accounts of the Sir Francis Drake family. 




Generation No. 8


      88.  Honble. Anne8 Elliot (Anne Pollexfen7 Drake, Francis Henry6, Francis5, Thomas4, Francis3, Thomas2, Edmund1).  She died 24 February 1835 and was buried 5 March 1835, Chalvington, Sussex.  She married John Trayton Fuller of Ashdown House, co. Sussex 21 May 1776 in St. George's, Hanover Square, London.  He died 24 March 24 1811. Burial: 29 March 1811, Chalvington, Sussex. 


Children of Anne Elliot and John Fuller are:


      93.          i.   Elizabeth Anna9 Fuller.  She married John Hamilton.


      94.         ii.   Sarah Maria Fuller.


      95.        iii.   Cordelia Eleanora Fuller.


      96.        iv.   Louisa Sophia Fuller, born 1 June 1790. Died unmarried.


      97.         v.   Charlotte Fuller, born 13 July 1792 in East Grinstead, co. Sussex;

                         died 15 December 1857.  She married James Harwood. M.D. DSP. 


      98.        vi.   Francis John Fuller, Capt. 20th Dragoons.  Ob. unmarried.


      99.       vii.   Sir Thomas Trayton Fuller, of Nutwell Court and Buckland Abbey,

                         born 8 February 1785; died 6 June 1870.  He married Eleanor

                         Halford on 5 August 1819, only daughter of James Halford, Esq. of

                         Laleham, Middlesex.  She died 18 February 1841 in Buckland

                         Monocharum, Devon, without issue.  Sir Thomas assumed by sign

                         manual, under the settlement of Sir Francis Henry Drake, Bart., the

                         additional surnames and arms of Eliott and Drake, and was himself

                         created a baronet on 22 August 1821 with remainder, failing male

                         issue, to his brothers William Stephen Fuller and Rose Henry Fuller.

                         He was succeeded in his title and estates by his nephew, only son of

                         his brother Captain Rose Henry Fuller, R.N., who had predeceased  

                         him in 1860.


      100.    viii.   William Stephen Fuller, died 10 September 1815. DSP.


+    101.      ix.  Augustus Eliott Fuller, born 7 May 1777; died 5 August 1857.


+    102.       x.  Capt. Rose Henry Fuller, born 8 February 1789 in Heathfield; died 27 October 1860 in Dawlish, co. Devon.


+    103.      xi.  Rev. Robert Fitzherbert Fuller, born 11 August 1794; died 22 August 1849 in Leamington, co. Warwick.



Generation No. 9


      101.  Augustus Eliott9 Fuller (Anne8 Elliot, Anne Pollexfen7 Drake, Francis Henry6, Francis5, Thomas4, Francis3, Thomas2, Edmund1) of Rosehill and Ashdown was born 7 May 1777, and died 5 August 1857.  Burial: Bodorgan Chapel, Llangadwaladr, co. Anglesea.  He married Clara Meyrick 1801, daughter of O. P. Meyrick. 


Children of Augustus Fuller and Clara Meyrick are:


      104.        i.  Owen John Augustus10 Fuller. Took the name Meyrick.  Died



      105.       ii.  Clara Fuller, born 11 September 1802 in Harley Street, London; died 27 December 1831.  She married Sir George William Tapps-Gervis Bart. M.P.; born 24 May 1795; died August 1842.


      106.      iii.  Lucy Ann Fuller.


      107.      iv.  Augusta Maria Fuller, born 7 February 1818; died unmarried 4 July 1871.


      108.       v.  Catherine Sarah Fuller.


      109.      vi.  John Francis Fuller, born about 1806; died 12 April 1822.


      110.     vii.   William Lowndes Fuller, born about 1810; died 10 February 1825.


      111.    viii.   Richard Garth Fuller, born 1812; died 1812.


      112.      ix.   Catherine Sarah Fuller, born 1814; died unmarried on 6 June 1858.


      113.       x.   Mary Fuller, born Abt. 1817; died 27 November 1831.



      102.  Capt. Rose Henry9 Fuller R.N. (Anne8 Elliot, Anne Pollexfen7 Drake, Francis Henry6, Francis5, Thomas4, Francis3, Thomas2, Edmund1) was born 8 February 1789 in Heathfield, and died 27 October 1860 in Dawlish, co. Devon.  Burial: Starcross, co. Devon. He married Margaretta Jane Sheffield, daughter of Sir Robert Sheffield. 


Children of Rose Fuller and Margaretta Sheffield are:


  114.        i.   Jane Eliza Anne Pollexfen10 Fuller, born 2 November 1834 in Montagu   Square, London; died 27 December 1900. Burial: Nutfield Court.  She married Rev. Richard Briscoe D.D. on 3 April 1866 in Nutwell Court.  He was born 4 January 1808; died 17 October 1880. Burial: Nutfield Court


Their descendants, the Drake-Briscoes are among the closest descendants of those family members who last held Buckland Abbey and perpetuated the name Drake by Royal License.


+    115.      ii.    Sir Francis George Augustus Fuller, born 24 December 1839 in Montagu Square, London.


116.      iii.   Eleanor Halford Fuller, DSP on 21 October 1856 in Weybridge, co.  

                    Surrey.  She married Charles Eales on 7 August 1856.



      103.  Rev. Robert Fitzherbert9 Fuller (Anne8 Elliot, Anne Pollexfen7 Drake, Francis Henry6, Francis5, Thomas4, Francis3, Thomas2, Edmund1) was born 11 August 1794, and died 22 August 1849 in Leamington, co. Warwick.  Burial: Lingfield Church, Milverton, co. Warwick. He married Maria Ursula Sheffield, daughter of Sir Robert Sheffield. 


Children of Robert Fuller and Maria Sheffield are:


      117.        i.    John Augustus10 Fuller, born 18 July 1828.


      118.       ii.    Trayton Fuller, born 22 July 1829.


      119.      iii.    Maria Ursula Fuller, born 19 March 1832.


      120.      iv.    Clara Agnes Fuller, born March 26, 1835.



Generation No. 10


      115.  Sir Francis George Augustus10 Fuller (Rose Henry9, Anne8 Elliot, Anne Pollexfen7 Drake, Francis Henry6, Francis5, Thomas4, Francis3, Thomas2, Edmund1) was born 24 December 1839 in Montagu Square, London.  Took additional names of Eliott and Drake by royal license 30 Oct 1870 and succeeded as second baronet by a special remainder. He was also sometime Captain of the Horse Guards and was inheritor of Buckland Abbey.  He married Elizabeth Douglas in 1861, daughter of Sir Robert Douglas Bart., of Glenbervie, authoress of The Family and Heirs of Sir Francis Drake.


Child of Francis Fuller and Elizabeth Douglas is:


  121.        i. Elizabeth Beatrice11 Fuller, died 9 May 1937.  She married at St.        

                    Paul's, Knightsbridge, on 22 Jun 1887, John Reginald Upton Colborne, son and heir of 2nd Lord Seaton. He later became the 3rd Lord Seaton and assumed by R.L. 16 Aug 1917 the additional names of Eliott and Drake.  He DSP 11 August 1933 and was followed in the barony by his younger brother.  (L.G. Pine, New Extinct Peerage).


                        After their tenure, Buckland Abbey passed to the British National Trust.





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